Using technology to drive innovation in healthcare.

Product Design for a McKinsey-led digital solution called CareCube. CareCube leverages expert insights to inform and quantify the benefits of transitioning healthcare organizations from traditional care models to a value-based care (VBC) model. Value-based care is a healthcare delivery model that focuses on improving patient outcomes while reducing costs. It emphasizes preventive care, population health management, and the use of data analytics to drive decision-making.

As Lead Product Designer, my work encompassed a range of activities including research, ideation, visual execution, prototyping, testing, and detailed iterations to ensure that the final product met the needs of a very specific audience. This tool includes features and extensive visualizations for data analysis, performance monitoring, risk stratification, care coordination, and patient engagement, among others. the design of the healthcare tool is informed by evidence-based research and industry best practices. The digital articulation of CareCube underscores the importance of data-driven decision-making and the potential for technology to drive innovation and improvement in the healthcare industry.
Design Systems
Product Design
Data Visualization
Cross-Functional Collaboration

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