Palo Alto Networks

A flexible component library for a branded experience

Cyber-security force, Palo Alto Networks, relies on re-sellers of their security products. These resellers are “partners” of the company, who are offered exclusive training and marketing resources that enable them to achieve the greatest success in their sales. Access to these resources is offered via the NextWave Partner Program portal.

Our work for this particular area of the business was two-fold: apply the .com look-and-feel to the Partner Portal experience, and develop a component library that would provide flexible templates for a range of content types across over 100+ pages.

The work began with an exhaustive content audit of the existing experience, as well as multiple conversations with stakeholders and content administrators to understand the pain points they were hoping to solve. Through a series of dedicated page designs, a comprehensive and responsive component library was developed and pressure-tested again real content. The resulting work offers the team a branded visual framework with which to maintain and expand the NextWave Partner experience.
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